WhatsApp Connector Settings

Setting up the WhatsApp connector

Entering Sunshine Conversations and Meta for Business credentials

The WhatsApp Connector Zendesk app needs you to fill a form with some data from Sunshine Conversations and Meta for Business.

In this article, you will see where you can find that data so you can set everything up by yourself and start sending WhatsApp notifications right away.

Sunshine Conversations App Id, API Key Id and API secret

Go to the Admin Center in Zendesk®, and search for the Conversations API in the menu. 


Then Click on create a new API Key, and give it a name:


After that, you will see the data, but you will only see it once. Be sure to write it down:


Make sure to store this data safely, since you won´t be able to get them again.

Back in the WhatsApp Connector by Respira app (previous tab in your browser), enter:

  • Sunshine Conversations API Key Id: the ID of the newly created Sunshine Conversations API Key (Key ID in the screenshot above).
  • Sunshine Conversations API Key Secret: the "secret" part of the API key (Secret Key in the screenshot above).
  • Sunshine Conversations App Id: The App Id in Sunshine conversations, see screenshot above (App ID in the screenshot above).
  • Sunshine Conversations API URL: The URL that Sunshine conversations will use.
    • If you are in Europe: https://api.eu-1.smooch.io
    • Outside Europe: https://api.smooch.io

WhatsApp Business Integration Id

If you created your account before June 2022, the Sunshine Conversations or Meta support team must provide this.

If you created your account after June 2022, you can get it from the Zendesk Admin Center, since it is shown as a parameter in the URL of the WhatsApp Channel.


The WhatsApp Business Integration Id is the last parameter of the URL, the text after the last slash bar:


WhatsApp Business Account Namespace

You can find it under the Namespace button on your Meta for Business template manager:


If you don´t see this button in your Meta account, please contact the Sunshine Conversations support team.

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