Outbound Messages via WhatsApp and Others

Send Social Messages to your clients proactively

Send outbound messages and notifications through WhatsApp and other Apps

As a specialised Zendesk® Partner & early adopters of Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations (formerly Smooch.io), we have carried out projects to send notifications or outbound WhatsApp messages through Zendesk® and our connector for WhatsApp notifications. We have gained valuable experience on how to establish communications between instant messaging apps and Zendesk®, and knowing what to expect when dealing with the Facebook ecosystem (Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Message and of course WhatsApp).

Twitter DM, Telegram, WeChat, Line, Kakao Talk, Viber or Apple Business Chat are other popular channels or chat apps beyond Facebook's ones. We are open to analyse your requirements to expand our current WhatsApp integration capabilities for other social messaging applications.

In case you are already using Zendesk®, you might communicate proactively with your customers via your desired app in between 6 and 8 weeks. Bear in mind that in the case of Facebook, authorised templates are required when you initiate an interaction with the end user, or resume a conversation after more than 24 hours. For other providers, we will determine their requirements before starting the connection between Zendesk® Suite, Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations, and them.

Instant Messaging Apps Communications through Zendesk<sup>®</sup> Suite, Zendesk<sup>®</sup> Sunshine Conversation and Respira integrations

By leveraging Zendesk®’s workflows, manual and automatic messages can be delivered, also being able to fill them dynamically based on the information from other systems and the related event - a reservation in a PMS, an order in an Ecommerce Platform, an new-signed customer in a CRM, a quote request in a CPQ, an invoice collection in an ERP, etc.

Are there other enterprise applications through which you would like to notify your customers via chat apps? Let us analyse what it is feasible.

Contact us to check how Zendesk® Suite, Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations, and our integration capabilities work together to send new messages or re-engage with customers after a certain period of time. Together, we will determine how to set up these systems, and adapt our development to communicate with your clients in your preferred messaging app.

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By working with us, you will benefit from:

15+ years implementing CRM and CX solutions
15+ years building apps and integrations
Former Zendesk® employees
Specialised Partner. We only work with Zendesk® as CRM / CX solution.
Certification in Zendesk® Suite, Sunshine Conversations, and Sell
Zendesk® training and best practices for administrators and users
Agile procedures for evaluating, implementing, and developing
Flexibility in the way of working and speed in the face of incidents
Multiple references and focus on the satisfaction of our customers

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