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Eden – Outdoor Furniture & Budas

Eden provides quality outdoor furniture and Asian-inspired decoration, and extends its omnichannel support with WhatsApp proactive messages.

In order to keep an even more harmonious Customer Experience after implementing Zendesk Suite several years ago, Eden needed to overcome the obstacle that many businesses face with WhatsApp due to Meta’s restrictions for sending outbound messages, and re-engaging with customers after 24 hours of their last reply.

One more time, Eden and Respira worked together to solve that issue. With the WhatsApp Connector, their agents can communicate with end users 24/7, no restrictions. This application allows businesses like them to reach maximum organisational efficiency in queries and incidents within Zendesk. Agents are able to send mass templated or personalised messages to end users, which saves time and enhances customer loyalty.

Outdoor Furniture
Quality outdoor furniture and Asian-inspired decoration.

The WhatsApp Connector is also helpful to keep the strict SLAs (Service Level Agreement) that they have for other channels, and contributes to increase even more the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Marta Santapau, Administration Manager, has also observed that sending WhatsApp notification help to engage with customers in a more natural manner, resulting in many cases in more sales.

“Customers reach us more and more via WhatsApp. Being able to start and continue conversations after 24 hours makes this channel more convenient for everyone. We have also gained peace of mind by being able to communicate with end users at any time, even through bulk WhatsApp messages, a useful feature when we are back from weekends or in the peak season.”
Marta Santapau Administration Manager - Eden

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