High Volume Customers (HVCs)

An Enterprise level Zendesk based WhatsApp solution

Tailored solutions for HVCs

Why having a tailored solution?

Data ownership

All your customer data and traffic will reside in a solution controlled by you. No more GPDR or ISO compliance issues.

Enhanced security

You dictate the rules. The solution will be adapted to follow them.

Premium support

In coordination with your IT & CX teams.

Full control

Real time full access to your data, always.

What is needed?

Zendesk Enterprise

Suited for customers with a Zendesk Enterprise License, with 10+ agents.

> 500.000 notifications

Per month, yearly revision. This is for businesses using or planning to use WhatsApp heavily.

In-house Zendesk Administrators

A setup project must be ensued for this. Consultancy services and/or IT development services might be needed.

One client, one solution

Your Server

A dedicated server physically located wherever you choose, with the specifications you choose.

Your Database

It can reside in your dedicated server or in other server of your choosing. Always accessible by your team.

Your App

The Zendesk Application your users will see will have your logo & brand image. All customized to suit your needs.

Your People

We setup your Zendesk instance and train your people. Then, you can fly alone.

Integrate WhatsApp into your business flows NOW.


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