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4foreverything finds that Zendesk Suite is essential to help their clients plan successful and meaningful events.

4foreverything is an experiential events agency with more than 10 years of experience in the design, production and implementation of all types of events. Based in Madrid and Barcelona, they work at a national and international level. They differentiate themselves by offering a comprehensive management, and providing solutions in all phases of creating an event: from strategy to design, production and implementation. Founded in 2012, it has in-house production capabilities which allow them to work with great agility and very competitive budgets. It is a leading events' agency on sustainability issues, has the ISO 20121 certification for sustainable event management, and offer advice to their clients in planning sustainable events including the implementation of a sustainability plan, the calculation and compensation of the carbon footprint, and the possibility of certifying the event.

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Other than their impressive growth and innovative spirit, 4foreverything puts a large emphasis on their client commitment and service, ensuring an almost 24/7 availability for their customers. This is why their digital team reached out to Respira. Before being introduced to Zendesk Suite, it relied on a single channel communication system which limited their response time to clients.

With Respira’s consultation, 4foreverything implemented Zendesk Suite to manage all email, phone, and website inquiries in one place. On top of that, a Microsoft Teams integration, and a revamped customer portal were added for improved end users communication.


If potential or existing clients want to ask questions, inquire about event planning, or learn more about the company, 4foreverything’s will deal with them via tickets in an efficient manner, thus saving time and efforts for all parties - client companies and their employees, fair organizers, subcontractors, and 4foreverything's own employees (carpenters, transporters, coordinators and the agents themselves).

Danny García, Director of Technology at 4foreverything, has observed that queries are resolved faster and with fewer exchanges of information, thus improving the planning and execution of events, and recognizing that Zendesk Suite and Respira Internet as a specialized consultancy have been a wise choice for their activity.

"With the adoption of Zendesk Suite, our customer service and event production have never been more successful for the agents. Collaborating with Respira has been a strategic choice. They help us with seamless integration across different channels like email, phone, web forms, and Microsoft Teams. This has not only optimised our communication processes but also elevated client engagement."

Danny Garcia CTO - 4foreverything

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