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Eden – Muebles Jardin increases its Customer Satisfaction and beats the seasonality by providing an omnichannel Customer Experience

Eden – Muebles Jardín is a physical and online store providing quality garden furniture and Asian-inspired decoration supporting its customers across multiple channels through Zendesk® Suite’s capabilities and Respira Internet’s partner services.

By focusing on providing a wide catalogue for outdoors furniture, and producing a good part of it with solid and good looking materials, Eden – Muebles Jardín is a reference in Spain and Southern Europe for those looking for inspiration and articles to decorate their home in a beautiful and serene mode, either through its street shops or on its two ecommerce sites, Muebles Jardín Muebles Jardin (garden furniture) and Budas (figures, paintings and other accessories based on the image of that philosopher and spiritual teacher).

In order to keep a Customer Experience that is harmonious with the products it sells, the retailer has implemented Zendesk® Suite to provide a timely and well-mannered omnichannel support across phone, email, web form, Chat, Guide, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Eden – Muebles Jardín is also present in different marketplaces (Amazon, Mano a Mano) and meets their strict SLAs (Service Level Agreement) thanks to Zendesk®’s workflows, public apps, and collaboration capabilities (internal comments and side conversations with third parties) that have contributed to their customer growth while maintaining the same number of Service representatives, and increasing the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

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Barbara Smerkin, Director of Customer Service, has observed great improvements in their support operations, reaffirming her bet on Zendesk® as a leading Customer Experience vendor and Respira Internet as a trusted partner.

“Zendesk® Suite allows us to engage with customers in a natural and effective way, and gain more insights on how Eden – Muebles Jardín is serving them”. “No matter the time of year, channel, marketplace, or Ecommerce shop, we are focused on meeting the high expectations of new and repeating customers on our reputed and likeable furniture and complements”.

Barbara Smerkin Director of Customer Service at Eden – Muebles Jardín

Other key aspects of Zendesk® for this physical store and e-tailer are:

  • Prestashop integration showing the orders a customer has placed
  • Consolidation all the communications in a ticket, including the side conversations with logistics providers when there are delivery issues
  • Reports and dashboards from Explore
  • Agent Workspace to manage all the interactions through the same interface

Being a business with a high seasonality due to the nature of its products, the two brands (Muebles Jardin and Budas) cope well with it thanks to Zendesk®'s ease of use and agility of administration.

Eden – Muebles Jardín has been able to quickly implement Zendesk®, adopt its best practices, and get a great autonomy for its administration through Respira Internet’s guidance, training, and support during and after the project.

“As we grow, I feel confident in maintaining all year round our high Customer Satisfaction across multiple channels thanks to Zendesk®’s powerful features and Respira Internet’s quick reaction for the few moments of truth we still need their help as a specialised Partner”

Barbara Smerkin Director of Customer Service at Eden – Muebles Jardín

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