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Magento Integrations

Magento is one of leaders of the ecommerce vendors and as a result of it there are several applications developed by partners displaying information from Magento 2 in Zendesk® Support, Chat & Messaging and Sell so agents and sales reps avoid switching between the consoles of both products.

Magento 2 Connector by PotatoCommerce [Magento and Zendesk App Integration. Customer and Order Details. Ecommerce, Zendesk CRM and Customer Experience (CX)]

Those apps provide information around the customer’s order(s), group, country or total sales since the first purchase. There are also search functionalities around orders and the possibility to view more detailed information about a specific one (product name, SKU, quantity, price, value, date, address(es)) without going from Zendesk® to Magento’s interface.

Those applications reinforce the overall experience customers are having with the ecommerce shop(s) by having faster responses, reducing the total resolution time, and giving more insights and confidence to the agents and sales reps when dealing with cancelation or reimbursement requests.

Magento makes it also easy to place the Zendesk® widget on your e-shop(s). You can view more details on the integrations and install them by using the following searches (by product) on Zendesk®´s marketplace: Support, Chat & Messaging and Sell.

Respira Internet can support you when creating conditional forms in different languages for the widget, defining how it works on your Magento site(s), and also further integrate both business applications to add more information to Zendesk®, execute Magento-related actions from there, or even create automations as per customers’ navigational and shopping patterns.

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