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PowerPlanetOnline improves its Customer Service and carrier support by moving from Outlook to an automated and multilingual Omnichannel solution.

PowerPlanetOnline is an online retailer selling innovative and affordable technology and electronic goods across Europe, and providing an agile Customer Experience through Zendesk® Suite and Respira Internet’s guidance.

With a rigorous selection of international brands and an ample catalogue spanning several categories of technology and electronic goods, PowerPlanetOnline is one of the main ecommerce sites for that segment in Europe, primarily shipping its products to Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, Poland, and Ireland.

As a result of a consistent growth and a global environment, managing service requests and enquiries through shared mailboxes in Outlook was no longer sustainable, and this online store selected Zendesk® Suite to gain visibility, execute automations, and increase collaboration for its multilingual support across email, web widget, Guide (knowledge base), Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In order to make a smooth and quick transition from an email tool to a leading Customer Service software, PowerPlanetOnline worked with Respira Internet, also for adopting the best practices of that SaaS.

PowerPlanetOnline screenshot

Jesús López, Director of Operations, has observed great efficiency gains in their Customer Service and supplier support, acknowledging the savvy choice of Zendesk® as a leading Customer Experience application, and Respira Internet as an specialised partner.

“Zendesk® Suite enables us to quickly and orderly respond to customers while increasing the well being of the Customer Service team, allowing them to focus on value-adding cases and inquiries” Jesus said. “We are also now capable of exploiting the multiple languages spoken by our representatives, and collectively engaging with customers and carriers when it is necessary, thus increasing their satisfaction and reducing the volume of tickets”
Jesús López Director of Operations

Other highlights from Zendesk® and Respira’s capabilities:

  • Multilingual web widget and conditional web forms
  • Consolidation of communications with customers and carriers
  • Tailored views per type of service request
  • Macros, Triggers, and automations to gain efficiencies as per their ecommerce processes
  • Support through Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messenger and Instagram Direct Messenger
  • Respira Tag Files App for adding tags to the tickets based on the attachments extensions

PowerPlanetOnline has also been able to start using Zendesk® very fast and gain a great autonomy for its administration in a matter of weeks thanks to the features of this Customer Service & ticketing system, and Respira Internet’s advice and tailored training.

“Zendesk® is a very appropriate solution when serving customers through Outlook is no longer feasible. It has been easy to make the transition with Respira Internet’s flexibility and prompt reaction when a problem arises. Thanks to their useful tips, we have put in place an Omnichannel service, and have also gotten great improvements in our Customer Experience and carriers support”
Jesus López Director of Operations at PowerPlanetOnline

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