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Chat & Sell Integration

Companies selling online frequently capture leads and even close sales through a combination of Chat and Sales automation softwares that allow them to capture information requests, record customers and prospects demography, and manage opportunities/deals for longer sales cycles.

Chat App in Zendesk Sell [Zendesk Chat and Sell App Integration. Sales, Leads, Opportunities, Deals, Conversations. Zendesk CRM and Sales Automation]

When choosing both Zendesk® products (also known as Zopim and Base CRM), there are two applications:

  • Zendesk® Sell for Chat displays existing deals/opportunities and the last communication sales reps had with an end user. Also, notes and new leads can be created from the Chat interface in Zendesk® Sell.
  • Zendesk® Support for Sell allows sales reps to message customers directly on Zendesk® Sell, bringing more details about the customer or prospect they are chatting with.

Both integrations are installed quickly. With our suggestions, you can improve your lead creation flows and how sales conversations are better handled in both systems to increase revenues, getting a practical CRM for sales people.

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>> Check the Zendesk® Chat App for Zendesk® Support
>> Check the Zendesk® Support App for Zendesk® Chat

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