Migrating and Integrating Microsoft Office 365 & Zendesk

We help you integrating and migrating Office, Teams and Zendesk for increased productivity

Microsoft Office 365 Migration & Teams Integration

Microsoft Office 365 is the most used productivity software. Organisations of all types often manage their customer service requests and sales opportunities through a combination of Outlook, Calendar, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive (storage) and Teams (video conferencing and messaging).

When companies are not able anymore to handle the support and sales requirements only through Office 365, Zendesk® is a safe bet for a scalable and collaborative solution for processes related to CRM, commercial deals or service issues. By putting it in place with us, the service and commercial representatives increase their productivity and confidence when carrying out actions related to customers and prospects. There is also a higher control at all the levels thanks to templates, automations and dashboards.

Microsoft Teams and Zendesk<sup>®</sup> Support Integration [Microsoft Teams and Zendesk<sup>®</sup> Support App Integration. Ticketing, Collaboration, Workflows, Web Conferences. CRM and Customer Experience (CX)]

With our pragmatic approach, you are able to start using Zendesk® Support or Sell in a few days. The best practices are also implemented so Zendesk® is combined in an effective manner with Teams and other Office 365 components for an advanced Customer Experience.

Connecting Outlook to Zendesk® Support and Sell is fast. For Support, besides the Microsoft Outlook App, there is also a very useful Teams App for adding ticket views in a channel tab and selecting the ticket views to be displayed in the Zendesk® tab.

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By working with us, you will benefit from:

15+ years implementing CRM and CX solutions
15+ years building apps and integrations
Former Zendesk® employees
Specialised Partner. We only work with Zendesk® as CRM / CX solution.
Certification in Zendesk® Suite, Sunshine Conversations, and Sell
Zendesk® training and best practices for administrators and users
Agile procedures for evaluating, implementing, and developing
Flexibility in the way of working and speed in the face of incidents
Multiple references and focus on the satisfaction of our customers

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