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Rooser continues to connect seafood buyers and suppliers across Europe

As Rooser continues to connect seafood buyers and suppliers across Europe, the WhatsApp Connector has played a pivotal role in their communication strategy to ensure they’re consistently able to meet their users where they are.

Rooser is an online platform that makes it simple for suppliers and buyers to trade seafood 24/7. With operations throughout Northern Europe, it connects primary processors & producers with wholesale buyers, and gives them the tools to trade efficiently, negotiate prices and manage orders.

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As a Zendesk Suite user, before the implementation of the WhatsApp Connector, Rooser faced challenges in efficiently communicating with their users via one of the industry’s most common channels, WhatsApp, at any time. Recognising the need for more agile and immediate communications, Rooser sought the expertise of Respira Internet to set up and provide this capability from within Zendesk.

One of the distinctive needs of Rooser's B2B operations is the ability to bring communications from multiple channels into a single view as well as manage both customer responses and proactive communications from a centralised platform, both simply and without time restrictions.

The 24/7 nature of the Rooser platform aligns perfectly with the instantaneous communication facilitated by the WhatsApp Connector, allowing them to bypass Meta’s 24 hour response limit. Whether it’s sharing marketplace opportunities, providing guidance on their platform, or addressing customer issues, Rooser can now initiate conversations and re-engage with their customers in a timely and professional manner, without limitation.

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With clients located all throughout Europe, this innovative application has revolutionised Rooser's communication strategy, being crucial in the fast-paced seafood trading environment, where timely responses can make all the difference.

James Gundry, Head of Customer Experience, reflects on the impact of Respira’s WhatsApp Connector on Rooser's customer engagement:

"Our ability to send prompt messages and maintain responsive communication, even beyond the typical 24-hour window, has significantly enhanced our customer relationships. Respira’s WhatsApp Connector has been a great solution that also reinforces our commitment to providing a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly trading platform."

James Gundry Head of CX

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