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Tunuve improves its productivity and delivers a more satisfying Customer Service

Tunuve is an innovative SaaS helping SBMs and Financial Advisors manage their finance operations by automating their invoicing process, and providing insights into their real financial situation. Zendesk® Support and Respira Internet’s partner services contribute to make the support processes more efficient.

Tunuve provides an easy to use, quick to implement Finance software that runs on top of different types of ERPs that SMBs and Tax & Labour Consultants. By simplifying the usage of these softwares through a modern user interface, and extending their functionalities (OCRs, Mobile receipts capture, automatic invoicing), immediate back office improvements are achieved, making AP (accounts payable) and AR (accounts receivable) transactions more efficient while achieving a deeper and quicker understanding of their financial situation.

Aligned with its mission of automating finance and operations processes, Tunuve has implemented Zendesk® Support & Guide to get a streamlined customer service so small business and Legal & Tax advisors spend less time with service requests by deflecting tickets and giving faster replies when they are created via email, web forms, or web widget.

Juan José Hernandez, Tunuve’s CEO, confirms the immediate and positive impact Zendesk® and Respira Internet’s guidance has made into this Fintech’s Customer Experience and Operations.

“SMBs and Financial & Legal Advisory firms should focus on their core activities”, Juan José said. “Tunuve provides a modern layer of ERP for them, so many manual tasks are automated. In order to get a higher level of automation, Zendesk® helps us to better serve our customer so they have a faster adoption Tunuve, get the most out of it, and therefore we all get less distracted with activities that are not related to our area of expertise.”
Juan José Hernández CEO at tunuve

Cash management and accounting software for accountants and small businesses

Other key aspects of Zendesk® for this SaaS company:

  • Better internal collaboration
  • More clarity on the service requests urgencies and importance
  • Deeper understanding of issues related to the adoption of their software
  • Ideas for the evolution of the user experience and functionalities development
  • More knowledge on their customers through the integration with other Sales and Marketing SaaS through marketplace apps

Providing a Finance software also implies navigating activity peaks in certain periods of the year. Zendesk®’s triggers, automations, macros and FAQs soften the seasonality, and contribute to a consistent customer service all year long.

Tunuve has quickly implemented Zendesk®, and provides timely email, web and in-app support. Thanks to Respira Internet’s implementation methodology and support after it, this Fintech provides a first-class customer service in consonance with its efficiency mission.

“We have been working with Respira Internet for years. When they proposed Zendesk® to us, we immediately said ‘yes’ and once again were highly satisfied with the results. 100% recommended to implement this Customer Experience solution with them as a trusted partner.”
Juan José Hernández CEO at tunuve

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