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El Neuropediatra (The Neuropediatrician) improves its patient and family care by moving from a local ticketing vendor to an omnichannel Customer Experience solution.

El Neuropediatra (The Neuropediatrician) is an online and offline medical centre with a multidisciplinary team addressing children's problems around neurology, development, learning, and conduct.

Through its clarity, proximity and honesty values, The Neuropediatrician provides medical attention to improve a child’s condition with neurology-related problems, and the overall well-being of his family. With an interdisciplinary and global approach, the team consists of specialised doctors, psychologists, logopaedics, pedagogics, and teachers addressing disorders such as ADHD, dyslexia, autism, Asperger, epilepsy or migraine.

A growing online and offline medical consultation, and the closure of their existing local ticketing vendor forced this medical center to move to a solution meeting the following criteria: vendor sustainability, scalability, ease of use, administration simplicity, and implementation quickness.

Zendesk® Suite excelled on them all and was also proven for managing enquiries and requests through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, instant messaging apps that many families prefer over traditional channels like email, phone, or web forms.

In order to get the most out of an advanced solution for the child and family experience, the Neuropediatrician selected Respira Internet, also to ensure that the employees supporting patients and relatives through Zendesk® were quickly up to speed with this software.

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Manuel Antonio Fernandez, Leading Doctor and Owner, has observed a great improvement in the way families are interacting with, and taken care by his medical center, no matter their preferred channel.

“Zendesk® Suite allows us to communicate with childrens’ families in a quick and personalised manner, while ensuring the value of our medical services is well understood. In many cases this is a challenge due to the sensibility and lack of knowledge around neural disorders. Zendesk®’s omnichannel capabilities also help us to overcome it”
Manuel Antonio Fernandez Leading Doctor and Owner

The best practices, workflows, and marketplace applications of this Customer Experience solution have contributed to a more efficient care of patients and relatives as well. Respira Internet has added a great value for the adoption, configuration, and command of this SaaS, allowing The Neuropediatrician to be self-sufficient in the administration and evolution of Zendesk®.

“By using Zendesk® we increase the number of patients we take care of while maintaining an empathic relationship with their parents and other family members. Respira Internet’s pragmatic approach and hands-on training has contributed to a quick implementation, a confident use, and a deep understanding on how to scale with it”
Manuel Antonio Fernandez Leading Doctor and Owner

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