Trials and Proof of Concepts (PoCs)

Trying Zendesk® before commiting

Trials and Proof of Concepts (PoCs)

Trials are available for Zendesk® Suite (Omnichannel Customer Service, Help Desk, Internal Support), Zendesk® Sell (Sales Automation & Management), and Sunshine Conversations (rich messaging, notifications, and outbound communications through instant messaging apps and other channels). Sunshine platform can be tested as a part of your Zendesk® Suite trial.

From the Customer Experience side (Suite and Sell products), making some tests on a trial environment can be useful in case you are already familiar with Zendesk® or comparable applications. Take into consideration that the configurations, communications, and actions you carry out will remain if you contract Zendesk® with the same subdomain or credentials - there is anyway the possibility to start from scratch.

Example of a Zendesk<sup>®</sup> Suite trial

Also, pay attention to the trial plan: Professional Edition (suggested) for Zendesk® Suite, and Elite Edition (by default) for Zendesk® Sell. In case you end up contracting inferior plans, some features of the Trial will not be available, and the related-configuration will be lost. At any time, agents and sales reps can be added, and Suites & other capabilities can be upgraded.

For Service, Sales or Customer Experience projects involving many agents, sales reps, departments, communications, channels, locations, etc. we can advise you with your trial at a reasonable price, and even run a paying Proof of Concept (PoC) for the most critical or complex scenarios.

Book a 30 minute conference now to discuss all this. Our demonstration environment spans the most advanced plans of these products, add-ons, public apps, WhatsApp notifications, custom reports and much more so we validate the extent in which Zendesk® and our services meet your needs and expectations.

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By working with us, you will benefit from:

15+ years of experience building web platforms
10+ years of experience as software consultants
Internal Knowledge of Zendesk® as a corporation
Knowledge of Zendesk®´s best practices
Agile development practices
Great process flexibility
Budgeting per project or per hour

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Customer Experience Leader

Ex Zendesk© employee.
+10 years of experience in CRM & CX.
MSc, Management of Information Systems master degree.
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Technology Leader

15+ years of experience as a web & SaaS developer.
Certified Zendesk© consultant and developer.
Enterpreneur, economist, and full-stack developer.
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