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Support & Sell Integration

B2B and B2C companies that manage leads or opportunities frequently use Service and Sales automation softwares for important parts of the customer lifecycle: information requests, prospects, deals, self-service help, omnichannel customer support, shared documentation, etc.

Sell App in Zendesk Support [Zendesk Sell and Support App Integration. Tickets, Service Requests, Sales, Leads, Opportunities, Deals. Zendesk CRM, Sales Automation, Service Automation. Customer Experience (CX)]

When opting for both Zendesk® products (Sell was previously known as Base CRM), two apps are available:

  • Zendesk® Sell for Support allows customer service agents to see existing deals/opportunities and the last communication sales reps had with an end user. A notification to the latter can also be sent when there has been a meaningful interaction worth reflecting in Zendesk® Sell.
  • Zendesk® Support for Sell displays a summary of all the tickets the support organisation has had with a customer, together with more details of the latest requests. It also enables Sales reps to create a ticket with an internal note for that end user from Zendesk® Sell.

Both integrations are set up quickly. With our guidance, we can tune the workflows to increase the collaboration and visibility between Customer Service and Commercial personnel to solve service requests faster and increase sales, setting up your CRM and Customer Information strategy around Zendesk®.

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>> Check the Sell App for Zendesk® Support
>> Check the Support App for Zendesk® Sell

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