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Activacar implements Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sell to improve its CX.

As an environmentally motivated company, Activacar utilises Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sell to promote the use of electric vehicles for resorts, campuses, and communities.

Based in Malaga, Activacar is a car-sharing and recharging service for electric vehicles to companies, hotels and residential complexes. Activacar leverages geolocation technology with which it can manage and control all its vehicles/charging points through its modern application. Their services include installation of chargers for electric cars, and their custom-made cars, both for individuals and companies.

To accommodate all Activacar users, the company needs to offer the best comprehensive electric mobility solutions and support. To handle all incoming inquiries and customer service tickets, the team at Activacar was using Outlook and Excel sheets. As a result, there was limited functionality to keep track of contact data and automate their business processes.

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What is Activacar?

After consulting with us, Activacar started utilising Zendesk Suite to handle a more enhanced domain of channels beyond the email such as WhatsApp, Talk, Guide, and Answer Bot. After the deployment, Activacar found an enhanced use of Customer Service reporting, assisting their analysis to better serve their different stakeholders.

Not only did the team look to Zendesk for their Customer Support efforts, they also sought to improve their sales activities through Zendesk Sell, thus overcoming the Excel Sheets’ lack of visibility, collaboration and automation. Activacar and Respira also leveraged its mobile application for their sales representatives, allowing them to remain connected to prospects and customers from anywhere, also reducing the reporting inputs throughout features like geolocation.

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What is Activacar?

Luis Martinez, Co-founder & COO, views Zendesks Suite and Sell functionalities and integrations as key factors for a fast-paced startup like them. Respira Internet is proud to also help Activacar on their mission to achieve a sustainable planet through modern technology and business solutions.

“The use of Zendesk Sell and Suite has revolutionised our contact management, enabling our reps and agents to stay connected with prospects and customers seamlessly. We are satisfied to partner with Respira on our mission to deliver flexible mobility solutions for our different types of customers while reducing CO2 emissions through innovative technology and business solutions.”
Luis Martinez COO & Business Development

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