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Web and Mobile Messaging

Messaging is the evolution of Chat for getting more personalised and engaging interactions through Web, Mobile, and in-app. Agents are enabled to handle conversations in a similar manner they do for Social Messaging Apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Direct Messenger, Instagram DM, Twitter, WeChat, etc.), and through the same interface for them as well as emails, calls, sms, or other requests via APIs, being also able to switch the conversation to those channels.

Through one of Zendesk messaging’s main features, customers start the interaction from anywhere (web, mobile, inApp) and have an ongoing engagement with you so they never have to repeat themselves.

Ongoing conversations through Zendesk Messaging so customers do not repeat themselves.

The Web, Android and iOS SDKs built on top of Sunshine Conversations´ technology also permit a rich interactive experience for end users so you put at their disposal quick replies, links, images, carousels, and more.

There is also an upgrade in the web widget and the AI that can be embedded into it. Beyond pre-integrated third-party bots, the Flow Builder functionality makes it possible for administrators to quickly design conversations through a tree format in which a series of connected steps represent the interaction Answer Bot is having with a customer, thus configuring some of its responses, and adding steps to the conversation. and Widget.

Flow Builder for the Zendesk Web Widget and a rich messaging experience.

We have implemented Zendesk Messaging on our website. Check it out by clicking on the down-right widget so you see the Flow Builder and Answer Bot in action, 24/7. Depending on how you interact with it, we have configured workflows in our own Zendesk instance to reply quicker and better.

Request a free 30 minute session to uncover how Zendesk messaging can make your customers more satisfied while making your Customer Service organisation more efficient - with our guidance it is set up and integrated in your web site or mobile app in a few days.

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