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Colibid makes it easier to take out mortgages through proactive WhatsApp communications

Colibid is a pioneering mortgage auction platform, revolutionizing the process by enabling users to apply for a mortgage from all banks through a single platform. The innovative system swiftly retrieves necessary documents in 4 minutes, initiating a 3-day reverse auction where banks and brokers bid directly with the best mortgage conditions. Their communication to their application’s user must reflect their commitment to creating a fairer and more consumer-friendly alternative in the mortgage industry.

In order to achieve their mission of a more equal banking system, Colibid needed a better way to communicate with their customers in the most convenient manner for them. Around the world, WhatsApp is often the channel of choice since a customer's mobile phone number is extremely convenient and reliable. After consulting with Respira, Colibid realized that fully integrating WhatsApp into their customer relationship management system would be the best choice.

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With this need in place and already using Zendesk® Suite as a CRM to respond to guests’ queries through WhatsApp and other channels, Colibid leveraged Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations and Respira’s WhatsApp Connector to proactively communicate with them through WhatsApp, thus eliminating the obstacle that many businesses face due to Meta’s restrictions for sending outbound messages and re-engaging with customers after 24 hours of their last reply.

Not only this, but with the WhatsApp Connector, Colibid is better equipped to communicate at scale with their customers in the most time and cost-efficient manner. Using templates, single notifications, and bulk messaging, Colibid is able to send relevant messages with personalized fields to all their customers.

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Now, Colibid can better allocate its resources to reduce the complications and cumbersome procedures during the mortgage application process of its customers.

"We want the process of searching, choosing and taking out the best mortgage to be as simple and quick as possible. Communicating and carrying out the process through customers’ preferred channels is essential. Respira's WhatsApp Connector makes that feasible and easy through Zendesk® Suite for the WhatsApp channel, making our users feel safer and calmer during a process as stressful as buying a home."

Elena Gutierrez CMO & Co-founder - Colibid

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