ROI, TCO and Further Analysis

Analysing ROI and other KPIs with Zendesk®

ROI, TCO and Further Analysis

Although analysis such as ROI (Return on Investment) or TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) are theoretical, they provide an initial validation for a project around Zendesk® Suite, Sell, Sunshine Platform, or Sunshine Conversations.

There are many generic tools for their calculation. Besides them, Forrester has a Zendesk® ROI estimator commissioned by this vendor and covering some of its Suite components (Support, Guide, Chat). It must be noted that this calculator is not taking into consideration the social channels or instant messaging apps as channels.

Forrester’s Zendesk<sup>®</sup> ROI estimator

As part of your evaluation of Zendesk® Suite, we can work together to adapt and expand the initial metrics of that estimator according to your situation for more precise outputs on the payback period, total benefits, total costs, net present value, and the ROI itself. The same applies when leveraging generic TCO tools.

In case a simpler approach is required for a cost analysis, we can also assist you in comparing the plans of Zendesk® Suite, Sell, and Sunshine Conversations from a pure price and feature perspective, so you are able to quickly and confidently select the appropriate subscription or licensing.

If you are a current Zendesk® customer, a similar action can be taken to evaluate your move to a superior edition of your Suite or products, together with recommended add-ons.

Many success stories providing figures on improvements, benefits and savings obtained through Zendesk® can be found on its customers web page. From our side, we can provide you with quantitative and qualitative information from our references so you have more context on the viability of a Zendesk®-related project.

Talk to us in case you require further guidance on your Zendesk® project or upgrade, no matter whether it is a ROI or TCO calculation, a pricing comparison or other technical, functional, or financial analysis.

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By working with us, you will benefit from:

15+ years implementing CRM and CX solutions
15+ years building apps and integrations
Former Zendesk® employees
Specialised Partner. We only work with Zendesk® as CRM / CX solution.
Certification in Zendesk® Suite, Sunshine Conversations, and Sell
Zendesk® training and best practices for administrators and users
Agile procedures for evaluating, implementing, and developing
Flexibility in the way of working and speed in the face of incidents
Multiple references and focus on the satisfaction of our customers

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