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Zendesk® is able to integrate pretty easily with almost every third party software solution out there. Its Marketplace is full of free or easily affordable apps for almost any e-commerce solution, ERP, or any other system you may be already using. Take advantage of these apps to increase your teams´ effectiveness.


Zent.io is an onmichanel solution for contact centers for the Spanish and Latam markets.
Contact us if you need help to migrate from Zent.io to Zendesk®. We can help.

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Outlook is the most widely used email client in the World. With the Outlook integration you can create tickets from Outlook in Zendesk®, and use Outlook to send email to your clients.

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Shopify is a leading e-commerce system, with very competitive prices. It´s very easy to use. Zendesk®`s Shopify integration lets you see orders, invoices, client data, etc. without leaving Zendesk®.

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Magento is one of the oldest e-commerce plafforms around. Millions of online shops use it at their core. It is very powerful and complex. Zendesk®`s Magento app let you see orders, invoices, etc. without leaving the Zendesk® environment.

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Prestashop is the most used e-commerce platform in Spain and France. It is powerful and easy to use. Its modular arquitecture allows for easy functionality extensions. Zendesk®`s Prestashop app also lets you see your orders, client data, etc. inside Zendesk®.

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Tunuve is an invoicing & accounting solution for Spanish SMBs. It helps with book keeping and cash flow management, in order to help you generate more profit.

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