Moving from Outlook to Zendesk

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Outlook Migration & Integration

Outlook is the most used email provider at an enterprise level and for many companies is the way to handle tickets, information requests and important parts of the sales cycle.

In case you cannot handle those interactions anymore with it and consider moving to a leading customer service and sales automation vendor, you can work with us to get more visibility and control on your support sales commercial department while gaining efficiency and internal collaboration.

Throughout our hands-on methodology, you can start using Zendesk Support or Sell in days and leverage advanced functionalities and processes that make it a much more convenient system for your organisation and people than keep handling customer interactions from Outlook.

Connecting both systems is also straightforward and there is even an integration developed by Zendesk® for Support that allows to create tickets directly in Outlook for those using it for other communications beyond support or Customer Service. From Zendesk® Sell’s perspective, you are able to know many times people have opened your email when sending it through it.

for a free 30 minute meeting in which we evaluate how to move from Outlook to Zendesk® for managing incidents, support requests or sales opportunities while also setting the foundation for an omni-channel Customer Experience.

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By working with us, you will benefit from:

15+ years building web platforms
Experience at managing high load systems
Agile development practices
Great process flexibility
Payments by budget or by hours