Publishing in the Marketplace

Publishing your Apps & Themes in the Zendesk Marketplace

Publishing your Apps & Themes in the Zendesk® Marketplace

Have you developed an integration with Zendesk® Suite, Zendesk® Chat or Zendesk® Sell? Have you programmed additional functionalities for Support, Messaging or Sell? Have you personalised a Zendesk® Guide theme? Not sure how to proceed when dealing with Zendesk® for publishing an application or theme in their marketplace?

In case the answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’, and you would like to be more visible and get more recognised in the Zendesk® ecosystem, we can assist you. We have already published our own applications, and have helped other companies to get theirs in their marketplace.

Zendesk<sup>®</sup> Marketplace screenshot
Zendesk® Marketplace: apps (integrations and additional features) for Zendesk® Support, Zendesk® Chat & Messaging, and Zendesk® Sell. Customised themes for Zendesk® Guide.

We work with Zendesk® customers and technology partners both for developing their apps & themes, and to get them submitted and approved in a short period of time. Our previous tenure in Zendesk® empowers us to speed up the process.

Contact us to evaluate how you to get the most out of your integrations, extra features, and customisations around Zendesk® and its Support, Guide, Chat, Messaging, and Sell modules.

Contact us for more information.

By working with us, you will benefit from:

15+ years of experience building web platforms
10+ years of experience as software consultants
Internal Knowledge of Zendesk® as a corporation
Knowledge of Zendesk®´s best practices
Agile development practices
Great process flexibility
Budgeting per project or per hour

Guillermo Prieto

Customer Experience Leader

Ex Zendesk© employee.
+10 years of experience in CRM & CX.
MSc, Management of Information Systems master degree.
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Cesar Chas

Technology Leader

15+ years of experience as a web & SaaS developer.
Certified Zendesk© consultant and developer.
Enterpreneur, economist, and full-stack developer.
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