Sunshine CRM Platform

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Sunshine CRM Platform

Sunshine is an open CRM platform that connects the relevant customer Data and makes it more understandable on Zendesk®’s interface.

Agents have a complete view on your clients and how they interact with your company through Sunshine’s three main components:

Unified profiles

Unified Profiles: add attributes from external applications to get a broader picture of your end users (loyalty membership status, recent spend, account size, marketing segment, current position in LinkedIn, etc.).

Custom events

Custom Events: see interactions customers are having with you through other systems to have a dynamic and wider perspective on them (shopping cart, web or mobile activity, bookings, subscription changes, etc.).

Custom objects

Custom Objects: store and connect data from other sources for a greater context about the people you serve and sell to (asset management, account hierarchies & user relationships, product & order management, product troubleshooting, etc.).

By combining Zendesk® and external data sources, Sunshine also makes it possible to develop modern customer applications through an open and standards-based platform, empowering your Customer Service team to achieve more than the expected faster responses, efficient engagements or a high CSAT.


Conversations is another component of this platform for going beyond AI, bots, and custom apps to provide interactive and outbound messaging experiences in a wide range of instant messaging apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messenger, Instagram Direct Messenger, Line, WeChat, Telegram, etc.), as well as websites, mobile apps, email, SMS, and AI voice assistants. For more information check our Sunshine Conversations section in this website.

You can also leverage AWS services like Machine Learning, Event-Based Automations, and Real-Time Analytics by streaming Zendesk® events into them through the Amazon Events Connector.

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