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Olala Homes brings its Guest Experience to a superior level by sending WhatsApp notifications

Olala Homes is an innovative vacation rental management company caring about its guests across instant messaging apps and other channels. In combination with Zendesk® Suite and Respira Internet’s partner services, it has implemented Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations to send WhatsApp notifications to their customers.

With a long trajectory in the hospitality industry and an international team of travel enthusiasts, Olala Homes strives to make each and every guest feel at home by specialising in attractive touristic apartments, and providing a superior and worry-free experience.

In order to achieve their mission, this well-reputed brand needs to communicate with their customers in the most convenient manner for them, WhatsApp often being the channel of choice since a mobile phone is much easier to reach than a laptop or tablet when traveling or reaching a destination.

Olala Homes
Olala Homes provides a superior guest experience by sending WhatsApp notifications through Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations with the support of Respira Internet.

With this need in place and already using Zendesk® Suite to respond to guests’ queries through WhatsApp and other channels, Olala Homes contracted Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations to proactively communicate with them through WhatsApp, a limitation that many businesses face due to Facebook’s restrictions for sending outbound messages, and reengaging with customers after 24 hours of their last reply.

By working alongside Respira Internet, Olala Homes implemented Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations, and connected it to Zendesk® Suite to send notifications to its customers, for example by delivering them a WhatsApp message with their booking details right after an accommodation reservation was made.

Thanks to this project, this vacation rental management company has gone a step further in their innovative guest experience, while being better prepared for managing seasonality.

Olala Homes has been able to quickly start using Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations, enrich how they communicate with customers in multiple languages, and create its own WhatsApp’s templates through Respira Internet’s guidance, development, and ongoing support.

“As the tourism activity rebounds, we want to bring our guest experience to an even higher level. Being able to send proactive and automated WhatsApp messages to our customers is an important milestone. By deploying Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations, and working alongside Respira Internet, our customer journey remains modern and is even more satisfying.”
Morvan Le Boulanger Project Manager - Olala Homes

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