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MGI Shops leverages Zendesk Suite to ensure their helpdesk supports their end users in an agile way through different channels.

MGI Shops is a family business dedicated to wholesale and digital marketing of toys, gift items, decoration and home equipment. Established in 2000, the company has 80 locations spread around Europe along with an extensive catalogue of toys from the main franchises on the market. MGI is known for being able to offer products at a lower cost than usual due to their supply chain management.

MGI Store in Leganes

In order to get an effective customer experience, MGI has implemented Zendesk® Suite to provide timely and convenient support through email, Chat, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Direct. The implantation of this omnichannel support allows customers and shops to contact MGI any way they want, all in an organised manner.

Before Suite, MGI relied on separate systems for email, chat and Meta. This approach to handle stakeholder inquiries proved to be inflexible. Respira Internet worked closely with the Ecommerce team at MGI to properly deploy Zendesk Suite, allowing them to reduce the average handle time on tickets, lower costs on customer service efforts, and allow agents to manage more sales-related requests.

Using features like Zendesk’s Side Conversations, MGI’s agents can consolidate within the same ticket interactions involving different people and companies, discussing separately different aspects of an incident, and finding the right course of action. Additionally, the Prestashop integration allows them to have a broader perspective of the customer they interact with directly on the ticket.

For these and other reasons, the MGI’s Online Store Manager has observed a great increase in the efficiency of Customer Service, recognizing that Zendesk Suite and Respira Internet as specialised partners have been a wise choice for their business and needs, ensuring a quick implementation and an appropriate knowledge transfer.

“We have seen a remarkable boost in customer service efficiency, and an increase in the customer satisfaction since implementing Zendesk Suite. In addition to moving to an omnichannel support, and streamlining communication through various channels, working with Respira has helped us to make a smooth deployment and to adopt Zendesk accordingly with the needs of our business model.”
Online Store Manager - MGI

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