Zendesk Onboarding

Start using Zendesk in a matter of days, not weeks

Zendesk® Onboarding

We help you set up and integrate Zendesk® for an Outstanding Customer Experience with Suite Support and Sell.

This is a summary of our onboarding process for a fast implementation, autonomous administration and successful usage of Zendesk®:

  • Kick off meeting
  • Initial setup
  • Continuous iterations with hands-on sessions to use more functionalities, establish workflows, configure advanced settings, and adopt Zendesk®’s best practices.
  • Post go-live technical and functional support.

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Our help can be very beneficial before, during and after the implementation in case you answer ‘yes’ to any of those questions:

  • Are you new to Zendesk®?
  • Have you tried to configure it during the trial but gave up?
  • Do you have time or skills constraints to put in place?
  • Is your implementation requiring an Assessment?
  • Have you detected that your sales reps, customer service agents or administrators need guidance or training on using or configuring Zendesk®?
  • Are your customers using instant messaging Apps (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat) you should support from Zendesk®?
  • Would you like to avoid switching between different applications or windows as much as possible?
  • Do you envision using Zendesk® as a CRM?

Those are the services we provide for an effectively use & administration of Support, Guide, Chat, Messaging, Talk, Explore & Sell:

  • Assessment
  • Implementation
  • Change management
  • Advanced configuration
  • Hands-on training

Besides giving you beneficial tips and tricks during the onboarding process, we also Identify public applications and are able to develop SaaS integrations & apps that meet business and technical needs around and beyond Zendesk®'s Service and Sales capabilities.

More information at zendeskonboarding.com.

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By working with us, you will benefit from:

15+ years of experience building web platforms
10+ years of experience as software consultants
Internal Knowledge of Zendesk® as a corporation
Knowledge of Zendesk®´s best practices
Agile development practices
Great process flexibility
Budgeting per project or per hour

Guillermo Prieto

Customer Experience Leader

Ex Zendesk© employee.
+10 years of experience in CRM & CX.
MSc, Management of Information Systems master degree.

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Cesar Chas

Technology Leader

15+ years of experience as a web & SaaS developer.
Certified Zendesk© consultant and developer.
Enterpreneur, economist, and full-stack developer.

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