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Ex-zendesk employees with years of experience. Certified consultants.

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Have everything set up and running smoothly in weeks, not months.

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We adapt the implementation pace to suit your requirements.

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What we do

Specialized Zendesk Consultancy

Analysis, configuration, and optimization of your Zendesk instance, along with remote or in-house training for your customer service personnel and administrators.

Technical Integrations and Web Development

We integrate Zendesk with other platforms such as ERPs, CRMs, or custom solutions. Technical consulting, mobile applications, web development, etc.

Zendesk WhatsApp Connector

Zendesk App that enables agents to send proactive WhatsApp messages from Zendesk. Ready to intall from the Zendesk Marketplace.



Why shouldn´t I do the set up myself?
You absolutely can set Zendesk up if your business is small and you are tech savvy. However, if your business is complex, if you don´t have the time or will, or if you want to make sure that the task is carried out well, we can definitely help.
Do you offer discounts on Zendesk Licenses?
How much is a setup project?
I am still evaluating Zendesk against other options. Can you help me find the best solution?
I have an IT deparment. Shouldn´t they be doing it?
What happens if the project does not go as expected?


I want my IT team to do the integration. What value do you bring?
We can speed up the development process by pointing your dev team in the right direction, and providing technical documentation and support. That can save them dozens of develoment hours and many headaches as well. We also ease communications between Zendesk should it be needed.
How can you help integrate Zendesk with an existing system?
What if an API integration does not suffice?
Do you migrate data from other systems into Zendesk?
Do you build Zendesk Guide templates?
Can you build an app for the Zendesk Marketplace?

WhatsApp Connector

Zendesk Support has a WhatsApp channel. Why do I need your Connector?
There are 2 types of messages in WhatsApp, free text messages and templated messages. Your customer can send you a message whenever she wants, using free text. You can reply to her in the next 24 hours after her message. But if you want to reply after 24 hours, or if you want to start the conversation, then you need to use a templated message. That is where the WhatsApp connector comes in, by letting you send templated messages to your customers regardless of this 24 hour limit.
Can I send bulk notifications?
Can I try before I buy?
How much does it cost?
What if I send more than 6,000 notifications?
How do I know if my messages are received?

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Zendesk Partner

The companies we work with improve their Customer Service and employee support, and increase their sales in part because of the best practices we bring and the assistance we provide to every possible scenario.

We implement Zendesk quickly, and help with the channels and apps you need to integrate, making it also feasible to send notifications, and continue conversations after 24h through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Message, and other instant messaging services.

We are ex-employees, certified consultants, and focused partners of Zendesk.We provide high value solutions that optimize your workflows and work remotely from Spain, Europe, and other parts of the world.

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Creators of the Zendesk WhatsApp Connector

We developed and actively support the Zendesk WhatsApp Connector by Respira Zendesk Marketplace app.

The WhatsApp Connector is a Zendesk extension published in the Zendesk marketplace that enables agents to send proactive WhatsApp messages (templates) from Zendesk. It features:

  • Bulk message delivery from Excel and .csv files
  • Automatic delivery based on triggers and automations
  • API for automated messaging from other systems
  • Scheduled delivery of messages
  • Message delivery from a Zendesk ticket
The WhatsApp Connector also provides a solution for the 24 hour response limit issued by Meta.

Technical Integrations and Data Migrations

Our extensive experience integrating Zendesk allows us to offer multiple technical services:

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