Zendesk Integration & implementation process

How we work and what to expect

Implementation process

Before starting the onboarding process, we set up a conference call (Zoom, Teams, Google Meet...) where we:

Understand your particular needs and the needs of your business
Make a brief presentation of Zendesk®
Resolve any doubt regarding Zendesk® or about us
Explain how the integration process would look like in your particular case
Look for ways to add value to your business

The first consulting session is absolutely free, no matter how long it takes.


There is absolutely no obligation from your side. No questions asked.


We keep your ideas private. We will sign an NDA if you´d like.

After this session, the implentation process can begin.

First week:

The initial environment is set up
Your team receives first-class and personalized Zendesk® training

Inmediately after this, your team will be ready to start using Zendesk® with some real customers and / or employees.

Weeks 2-4

Each week, we follow up these 3 steps:

We review how you are doing
Based on this, we set up another customised training session
Based on your feedback, we tweak and further customize Zendesk®

We will show you everything we do so you can fly alone as soon as possible. You will be seing real performance and productivity gains week by week.

After week 4, you will receive a summary/guide of the configurations done and actions undertaken.

1 month after deployment

You will have gained some experience by now. We will make a follow-up session, just to address any issue you may have.

3 months after deployment

As you gain experience, you will have questions regarding some advance topics. Those will be dealt with in this last session.

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