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We warranty excellence in your customer service


There are many solutions, but are you sure you are going to get the most out of an omnichannel application like Zendesk®?

If you decide to hire us, it will not be because we implement and configure a system that will make your company serve customers better. Or because you handle more requests with the same staff. Or that you provide support via WhatsApp or Instagram. Not even because you will have real-time reports on the performance of your Customer Service team. It will be because you really want to maximise Customer Satisfaction and save time and money.

With our VIP service you will also get:

A VIP service to grow with no worries so that the Customer Service organisation always works efficiently and achieves excellence in the Customer Experience.

In short, to work like a Swiss watch. Tick-tock, tick-tock.

How much does this service cost?

As of €3,000 per month, depending on your needs.

Is this investment worth it?

Let us be clear, if your company is small, then surely not. But if several people already work in your Customer Service team, or if the Customer Experience is critical, with the staff savings, efficiency increases, and support improvements, this service will be more than profitable.

We also offer a total guarantee. If during the first month you are not satisfied, we will refund what you have paid till that moment.

You may also want to contact us to organise a brief meeting to determine whether this is really going to be profitable for you. If so, we will agree on the next steps.

Swiss watch
Tick, tock, tick, tock.


“Agents and gas station employees are more comfortable with Zendesk® Suite, and customers are more satisfied with the service we provide. Respira Internet has responded during and after implementation, and we are happy to continue working with them to improve our Customer Service better every day.”
Esther Lobato Director of Customer Service - Ballenoil

“In addition to improving our Customer Satisfaction, efficiency of our agents and internal collaboration, by implementing Zendesk Chat in conjunction with its Suite we lay the foundations of the Customer Experience department in order to support Bnext to scale and expand markets. As a Fintech, we value Respira Internet’s speed and agility for helping us with this change.”
Fernando Corrochano Customer Experience Manager, Bnext

“As we grow, I feel confident in maintaining all year round our high Customer Satisfaction across multiple channels thanks to Zendesk®’s powerful features and Respira Internet’s quick reaction for the few moments of truth we still need their help as a specialised Partner”

Barbara Smerkin Director of Customer Service at Eden – Muebles Jardin

Easy to work with and highly reactive when a problem arises. Great improvements in our multilingual & omnichannel customer service also as a result of useful tips they have provided around and beyond Zendesk®.”
Jesus Lopez Operations Director - Power Planet Online