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Bnext improves its omnichannel Customer Experience through a unified platform

Bnext is a pioneer Fintech providing alternatives to traditional banking, making it easier for people to control their money to live it more freely, simply and intelligently. Adding their Chat channel to Zendesk Suite has improved its omnichannel Customer Experience, thus helping their users get more out of their finances.

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With a talented team of more than 120 people servicing Spain and Mexico, Bnext provides financial services with agility and transparency, based on technology and adding value according to the expectations of its digital audience. Its mobile application constantly expands functionalities and among others allows users to send and receive money, control expenses, have virtual cards, invest in cryptocurrencies or access various services through the Marketplace (savings and investment, loans and credits, mortgages, insurance , etc.).

As a client of Zendesk® Support & Zendesk® Guide’s for incident management and a help centre portal for end users, the Customer Experience team opted to move to Zendesk® Chat taking advantage of the unification of processes in Zendesk® Suite and achieving a more efficient service: faster and more consistent handling of requests by agents, improvement in internal collaboration when involving other departments, and consolidated metrics for productivity and customer satisfaction.

Bnext app screenshot

This Fintech company has collaborated with Respira Internet for a quick configuration, launch and integration of the Chat, while also delivering at the fast pace of this Startup. Agents have also been trained in the process, and the Support team has expanded its Zendesk Suite administration capabilities.

By improving omnichannel capabilities, unifying solutions, and expanding internal collaboration, Bnext has reduced its average first response (First Reply Time) and total resolution times (Full Resolution Time), and has improved its Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) via Chat, email and web forms, with faster access to analytics through a unique set of dashboards in Zendesk Explore.


“In addition to improving our Customer Satisfaction, efficiency of our agents and internal collaboration, by implementing Zendesk Chat in conjunction with its Suite we lay the foundations of the Customer Experience department in order to support Bnext to scale and expand markets. As a Fintech, we value Respira Internet’s speed and agility for helping us with this change.”
Fernando Corrochano Customer Experience Manager, Bnext

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