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Send WhatsApp and other Social Messaging services messages to your clients

Respira Connector for WhatsApp Notifications

If you are a Zendesk® customer, it is possible to start sending WhatsApp notifications in between 4 and 6 weeks. Through our Connector for Zendesk® Suite and Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations, outbound messages based on Facebook’s authorised templates are delivered to end users.

New conversations or responses beyond Facebook’s 24 hour limit can be established through the Agent Workspace via macros that set the appropriate conditions in Zendesk® Support, and then send the selected WhatsApp notification through our software and Sunshine Conversations.

It is also possible to send WhatsApp dynamic message as of the information of other applications (PMS, Ecommerce, CRM, CPQ, ERP, etc). Those messages are usually accommodation reservations, online orders, welcome messages to new clients, quote requests, invoice collections, etc.

WhatsApp Notifications: new conversations, dynamic outbound messages, and responses after more than 24 hours through Zendesk<sup>®</sup> Suite, Zendesk<sup>®</sup> Sunshine Conversations and Respira Connector for WhatsApp

As a more specific example, when a reservation is made in the booking system, it is feasible to send a WhatsApp with its confirmation and a link for more details to the customer, delivering another message 48 hours prior to the check-in with specific information about the stay.

You may also use it to welcome your clients and ask them to start a conversation:

Respira Connector for WhatsApp

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Contact us to see how Zendesk® Suite, Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations, and our integration work together to send new WhatsApp notifications or respond to customers after more than a day. We will also be happy to analyse how to set up these systems, and adapt our development to proactively communicate with your customers via WhatsApp in the most effective manner.

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