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Shopify Integration

Due to the increasing relevance and explosive growth of Shopify, Zendesk® itself has developed an application to display relevant information from it on its Support, Chat & Messaging and Sell interfaces so agents and sales reps avoid switching back and forward between Zendesk® and Shopifiy for most situations when working on on an incident, request or deal.

This app queries the store(s) you run on Shopify and provides a snapshot of the end user or customer’s profile and recent orders, allowing also to refund or cancel them directly or accessing a specific order for more details without leaving Zendesk®’s interface.

Shopify and Zendesk Integration [Shopify and Zendesk App Integration. Customer and Order Details. Ecommerce, Zendesk CRM and Customer Experience (CX)]

Related to this positive evolution, in March 2021 a new feature for the Shopify integration was added (phone number lookup) and another one (refunds & Cancellations) improved to reinforce the mission of this app: solve chats & tickets faster, provide a better customer experience, and sell more thanks to the access of relevant customer information (orders, spending, delivery address).

Shopify makes it also easy to place the Zendesk® widget (for both Support and Chat & Mesagging) on your ecommerce store(s). You can view more details on this integration and install it by going to Zendesk®'s marketplace (Support, Chat & Messaging and Sell).

Respira Internet has worked with retailers with multiple Shopify shops that are supported by Zendesk®. We can help you design multi-language and conditional contact forms for the widget, tailor its behaviour on your Shopify site(s), and also further integrate the products from both vendors to bring/display more specific information into Zendesk®, carry out from its interface other Shopify-related tasks, or even automate processes as per specific browsing and purchasing customers’ behaviours.

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