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Zendesk® Integrations

We can integrate Zendesk® with your own applications in three ways:

Custom apps

Display summarised content (sales opportunities, products sold, services contracted, pending payments, customer locations, serviced assets, etc.) from other systems and be able to make certain changes or execute specific actions directly from the interface.


Zendesk® Point to Point integrations

Point to point integrations to display static information (customer id, booking reference related to the ticket) in a custom field from your software of choice.

For example, if a user clicks a checkbox, your systems are updated so somebody out of Zendesk® is notified.


Zendesk® API based integrations

We can link Zendesk®´s APIs to your systems´ APIs so they can share information, without any user interaction.

For example, we can send a summary of resolved tickets to your BI software.


Save money while preventing errors, and make your employees working experience much better.


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