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Why choose us?

We are Zendesk® certified professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the software and IT services industry.

We have been involved in dozens of IT and Zendesk® for companies of diverse sizes and industries.

We bring to the table a deep knowledge of CRM & Customer Experience, and a good understanding of back office systems.

Our Network also includes valuable contacts at:

Huge Tech corporations like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Oracle
Niche consulting partners of bots, RPA, ecommerce, IOT, etc
Other Finance, Ecommerce, Customer Experience and Human Capital Management vendors

Guillermo Prieto

Customer Experience Leader

Ex Zendesk© employee.
+10 years of experience in CRM & CX.
MSc, Management of Information Systems master degree.

+34 607 21 35 37
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César Chas

Technology Leader

15+ years of experience as a web & SaaS developer.
Certified Zendesk© consultant and developer.
Enterpreneur, economist, and full-stack developer.

+34 677 56 16 33
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