WhatsApp Connector Use Cases

How the WhatsApp Connector can help your specific business needs

How can our WhatsApp Connector help your specific industry?

  • Hospitality
    • If you are a restaurant, hotel, rental agency or any company that uses reservations, you can send your clients a WhatsApp notification with all of their booking details. Read to see how Olalá Homes leverages WhatsApp notifications for their clients.
  • Healthcare
    • Use notifications to remind your patients about appointments
  • Professional Training
    • If you are a company that offers professional training to their clients, you can use mass or individual WhatsApp messages to reach out to potential students who have shown interest in similar courses
    • You can also remind these students when the classes they signed up for will take place
  • Fitness
    • Use mass messages to notify clients about upcoming classes, events, price changes, etc.
  • Online Marketplaces
    • If you ship any of your products (or someone else's packages), use WhatsApp messages to send your clients their tracking information and updates on their packages location
  • Tech
    • You may be a company that helps users track daily information (workouts, water intake, stress levels, etc.) send a daily Whatsapp reminding your users to submit data
  • Finance
    • Credit / mortgage request process launch
    • Credit / mortgage approved or rejected
  • Utilities
    • Monthly invoice available
    • Outages
  • Telecommunications
    • Data consumption reaching a limit
    • Monthly invoice available
    • New plans availability
    • Cross sell promotions (alarms, cable plans, mobile phones, computers, other gadgets...)
  • Media and Entertainment
    • Events
    • Subscriptions offers
    • New Releases
  • Government
    • Weather updates
    • Notes about services
    • Public transportation announcements
    • Tax collection / notices

There are so many other ways our connector can help you better interact with your clients. Contact us if you want to know how the connector can help your business.


Olalá Homes
"By working alongside Respira Internet, Olala Homes implemented Zendesk® Sunshine Conversations, and connected it to Zendesk® Suite to send notifications to its customers, for example by delivering them a WhatsApp message with their booking details right after an accommodation reservation was made."

By working with us, you will benefit from:

15+ years implementing CRM and CX solutions
15+ years building apps and integrations
Former Zendesk® employees
Specialised Partner. We only work with Zendesk® as CRM / CX solution.
Certification in Zendesk® Suite, Sunshine Conversations, and Sell
Zendesk® training and best practices for administrators and users
Agile procedures for evaluating, implementing, and developing
Flexibility in the way of working and speed in the face of incidents
Multiple references and focus on the satisfaction of our customers