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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is the most used Sales Automation software in large companies. Primarily through acquisitions, its product portfolio spans in many areas of Customer Experience, including the Service Automation one.

It is very common that organisations prefer Zendesk® over for the customer service processes because of its ease of use, speed of implementation, and omnichannel capabilities (reinforced by the Agent Workspace).

Salesforce App in Zendesk Support [Salesforce and Zendesk Support App Integration. Tickets, Service Requests, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts. CRM, Sales Automation, Service Automation. Customer Experience (CX)]

Zendesk® has developed the Salesforce App for Support so agents can view the customer profile from the sales perspective on the right side of the ticket. On the other side, sales representatives can view, create, and update Zendesk® Tickets from’s interface.

Salesforce and Zendesk® are quickly connected. With our recommendations, you can also determine what is the best manner to utilise both softwares to get the best of both worlds, and establish an optimised CRM or Customer Hub.

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