Oracle NetSuite integration

Increasing productivity by using both Zendesk and NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite Integrations

Acquired by Oracle in 2016 and with an unimaginable autonomy within that corporation, NetSuite is a pioneer SaaS and one of the leading ERP Clouds - Zendesk® is a customer of them as well.

As a result of all that, there are several applications developed by partners displaying information from NetSuite in Zendesk® Support and Sell so agents and sales reps avoid switching between the interfaces of both products, reinforcing Zendesk®’s capabilities as a CRM or Service Automation vendor.

Celigo NetSuite Connector [NetSuite and Zendesk<sup>®</sup> Support and Sell App Integration. Customer Details, Balance, Billing Addresses, Orders, Data Sync. ERP, CRM and Customer Experience (CX)]

These apps syncronise Data (Tickets as Cases, Organizations as Customers, Users as Contacts, Agents as Employees, Comments as Messages) and provide back office visibility from NetSuite into Zendesk®: customer’s order(s), account balance, billing addresses, etc. In some cases, they also provide search capabilities on other financial data and custom records.

The intention is to reinforce the overall experience customers are having with your business by having faster responses, reducing the total resolution time (TRT) of the tickets, and giving more insights and confidence to the agents and sales reps when dealing with existing customers (for example, pending or unbilled orders).

In case you use NetSuite’s Ecommerce module, it is straightforward to place the Zendesk® widget on your e-shop(s) as well.

You can view more details on the integrations and install them by using the following searches (by product) on Zendesk®'s marketplace: Support and Sell.

Respira Internet can support you to establish triggers, automations and macros, and also to be more efficient by bringing other business functions (Finance, HR, Logistics, etc) into Zendesk® through its light agents and side conversations functionalities.

We also have the capacity to develop a specific integration between both systems to add more information to Zendesk® or execute NetSuite-related actions from there.

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