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Jira Integration

Jira is one of the main software development tools. It also has certain ticketing capabilities but since they have been primarily launched for internal use, in many cases companies choose Zendesk® in order to deliver an omnichannel Customer Experience that also makes agents happy, making it also a de facto CRM or Service Automation Tool.

Jira App in Zendesk Support [Jira and Zendesk Support App Integration. Tickets, Service Requests, Issues, Customer Conversations, Collaboration, Workflows. CRM, Service Automation, Customer Experience (CX)]

Zendesk® has developed the Jira App for Support so customer service representatives can easily escalate and link tickets to Jira issues directly from their Zendesk® interface. In Jira, engineers are able to view customer conversations related to an issue and collaborate with agents to resolve it.

Jira and Zendesk® are easily integrated. With our guidance, you can also start using Zendesk® fast and in alignment with Jira’s development functionalities, establishing in each side the workflows that make more sense.

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