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tunuve - Zendesk® Marketplace App

tunuve is a profit-oriented financial platform that helps small and medium sized businesses (SBMs) improve their cash flow by automating tasks and providing management tools. We have developed and published an app in the Zendesk® Marketplace so agents can view invoices, quotes, payments, and contact data stored in this financial application through the Agent’s Workspace.

tunuve in the right sidebar in Zendesk<sup>®</sup>

Companies using tunuve and Zendesk® are able to improve the agent experience so they avoid switching interfaces, and have a valuable view on the customer situation from the financial perspective, hence being empowered to provide a superior Customer Experience.

Combine both applications and make the most out of them:

  • Zendesk® to deliver an omnichannel Customer Service and a more effective Sales Organisation (we are ready to develop this app for Zendesk® Sell as well) for a more satisfying end user experience.
  • tunuve to quickly create & update invoices, automate tasks, upload invoices & receipts through your mobile, and control cash flow, so your bookkeeping is easy, and you focus on generating profit.

Installation, Usage and More Details

You can find the tunuve Zendesk® app in the Zendesk® Marketplace. Its installation is fast and right after it tunuve’s login credentials are requested in the right section of the Agent Workspace so you quickly access relevant financial information through Zendesk®’s interface.

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Contact us in case further assistance is required. We can also help you with other apps, integrations or assessments on your overall Zendesk®’s configuration, Customer Service, and Sales operations.

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