About us

About Respira Internet

About us

Respira Internet specialises in Zendesk® implementation & integration, web & mobile development for B2B businesses and front-end coding for other tech developers.


Zendesk® implementation & integration

When implementing and integrating Zendesk®, our goal is to make customer satisfaction management painless for our clients, so they can focus on their business.

Zendesk® can bring huge productivity gains when it is configured and used properly. We can deliver on that, and make our projects pay for themselves many times over.


Web development

We build web & mobile apps as requested by our client, adding our expertise to make the idea even better.

If you have a digital dream, we can make it true, no matter the scope and size. Just let us know.


Front end development

We provide interfaces that are fastly adopted by end users and quickly maintained and evolved in conjunction with the rest of the technology stack.

We complement your internal department and IT partners skills in the backend so applications are delivered more efficiently and maintained and evolved in a fast manner.

We care about the needs of the end-users and the departments your web and mobile applications are serving to. We make IT departments' life easier throughout our development expertise, processes adaptation, and people awareness.


Where we are

We are located in Madrid, C/ Blasco de Garay 94. If you are near, we can have coffee .


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Guillermo Prieto

Customer Experience Leader

Ex-Zendesk© employee.
10+ years of CRM & CX experience.
MSc in Management of Information Systems.


César Chas

Technology Leader

15+ years of experience in SaaS and Web Development.
Zendesk© certified administrator and developer.
Economist, full-stack web developer and self-made entrepreneur.